The elections of the Community Board members were held in Kiev

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February 23, 2013 year 16:45

  February 23, 2013, General meeting of the Community of Crimean Tatars was held in Kiev. First of all, participants commemorated prominent Crimean Tatar public figure Noman Çelebicihan, because this day, February 23, 1918, first Mufti of Crimea Muslims became the victim of Bolshevik terror in the peninsula.

  The guests of General meeting were Mejlis members Zair Smedlyayev, Ali Khamzin and Zaur Smirnov.

 Chairman of the Central Election Commission Zair Smedlyayev informed participants about the process of election to the Regional Mejlis and Kurultai delegates in Kiev.

  In addition, the Community Board presented the structure and plans for further development of the association.


   Election results:

   Chairman of the Community: Aslan Omer Qırımlı

   Community Board Members:

  • Bekyr Ganiev
  • Femi Mustafaev
  • Refat Sariev
  • Talat Bilialov

   Community Audit Commission:

  • Abduraman Egiz
  • Rustem Aliev
  • Elvina Sheyhislyamova

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