March in memory of Noman Çelebicihan in Crimea

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February 21, 2009 year 19:33


INGO "BIZIM QIRIM" will conduct a march in memory of Noman Çelebicihan, the prominent Crimean Tatar state and public figure, the first president of the independent Crimean People's Republic, a Mufti of Crimea and also a talented poet and writer.

On February 22, at 10 AM a column of people will begin the march from Sevastopol and will walk to the Khan's Palace in Bağçasaray, where the next day, on February 23, at 1 PM the press-conference with the representatives of IPO "BIZIM QIRIM" will be held, dedicated to the mourning day.

The Khan's Palace is a very symbolic place for the measure, because it was the place of the historic opening of the Qurultay on November, 1917, and Noman Çelebicihan was elected the first president of the young Crimean Republic.