Community gathering youth together

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May 11, 2009 year 16:17


On May the 10th, 2009 a picnic for Crimean Tatar youth in Kyiev National Park “Nivki” was held. In the best traditions of Crimean Tatars were prepared pilau and roast meat. 
The picnic was held in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Boys were playing soccer, girls were singing national songs and were dancing. 
“Such meetings are always weld the people in exile, as the relationship between the members of Community is the basis of preservation of national consciousness and culture,” - said the vice-president of Crimean Tatar Community in Kyiv.
Owing to the popularity and necessity of such events, Board members of the Community have decided to hold more often this kind of meetings and not only for youth, but also for all members of the Community. 

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