The genocide of Crimean Tatars continues

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February 14, 2009 year 17:05


The genocide of Crimean Tatars continues

There are some constituents in the act of violence against Crimean Tatars on Balaklavskaya street in Aqmescit (Simferopol): first are the authorities of Crimea and Kyiv; second are courts of Crimea and Kyiv; third are organs of the Ministry of internal affairs.

The land conflict between people and firms on Balaklavskaya street lasts for few years. There is the established system of land sale or leasing to a citizen or a firm (as in this case) which is used in all states. In order to avoid the elements of corruption and to observe the transparency of the process, firstly, the time and terms of auction should be published in press, so that every interested person or firm could take part in it.

The size of area, presence of engineering communications, building that must be constructed should be concerned in the auction.  These are all what the primary cost of land depends on. If the area is for building houses, wins the buyer who offers the highest price in the auction. Also such a point must be indicated in the agreement as a number of houses for war veterans, invalids, people suffered from Chernobyl, deported people and others. Although, all these processes must be published, in fact, the terms of land selling were made a secret by the leaders of Aqmescit city.

Why did not authorities of observe the procedure of the auction? In my opinion, this is the point the court had to understand foremost.  Since the procedure of land sale was broken, the court had to to make the authorities of Aqmescit responsible for that. It would the just decision of court. However there is no point to talk about our courts and about their level of corruption.

The habitants of Crimea and Ukraine know perfectly that practically any court accepts decision in favour of one, who gives bigger bribe.

Today the authorities of Crimea, with the help of Kyiv, prepare a military operation against Crimean Tatars on Balaklavskaya street. Speaker of Crimean parliament A.Gritsenko vaguely talks about compromise. Why in society where laws do not work, only Crimean Tatars have to follow these laws?!

Can mayor of Aqmescit R.Babenko show an official financial document where the price of sold area on Balaklavskaya street is indicated and what amount of money the budgets of autonomy and city received from selling the land. I think, if even such document exists, the cost of sale does not agree with the market price according to the land prices of 2006. This is where guilty people should be searched.

On the 18 of May this year will be 65 years since deportation of the Crimean Tatar people. One third of people today still stays outside their motherland, mainly because of hurdles, which today are being overcome by authorities. The Crimean Tatar people must finally begin to understand that government not only doesn't guarantee the state for the Crimean Tatar people, but also does not give the guarantee of existence of Crimean Tatars as nation on their motherland.


Lentun Baziiev