8 March- the Deportation day of the Balkar people

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March 09, 2013 year 01:24

   March 8 - the Memorial day of the Victims of Political Repression of Balkar people. In Kabardino-Balkaria and the neighboring countries, this day is day of mourning.

   In March 8, 1944, Balkars were deported by the decision of the Soviet Union government. Totally 37,713 were deported, 52 percent were children, 30 - women, 18 percent – old men. Eviction operations lasted only for two hours.  18-days-transit took away many lives of Balkar people. During these events, Balkars lost about 40% of their population.

   They were settled by small groups in Central Asia and Kazakhstan. After 13 years of being in exile, Balkar people were returned to their homeland.

   Community of Crimean Tatar people condolences to the brotherly people; memory and pain for the lost of innocent lives will stay forever in our hearts!

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