Memorial Day for the Genocide Victims of Chechens and Ingush people

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February 23, 2013 year 22:55


For two nations February 23 will never be a holiday. Chechens and Ingushes keep this day on their mind as one of the most tragic events in the history - deportation to Kazakhstan and Siberia.

  Hundreds of thousands people were sent in trucks to the east in few weeks. Many were killed. Many died on the way.

Ingush and Chechens were able to return to the homeland only after Stalin`s death. In 1957, their autonomy was re-established.

  A lot of sorrowful events were held in Ingushetia these days.  The Head of the Republic, Yunus-Bek Yevkurov gave an appeal speech:

"Today, 69th year has passed since February 23, 1944, when unfairly accused Ingush people were sent to distant lands in Kazakhstan and Central Asia, while thousands of Ingushes fought in the World War II.

Not everyone survived after those harsh conditions. Many of our countrymen died because of hunger, cold and diseases.  But this did not break the general spirit of our people. After all these agony actions, our people did not lose their culture, language and traditions.” 

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