Committee "Committee of Spiritual Values"

Committee objectives:

  • To coordinate and cooperate with Spiritual Board of Muslims of Crimea and also represent the interests of Crimean Muslims in Kiev;
  • To support spiritual education;
  • To promote development of love to religion, Motherland and nation.

Committee members

Kurkchi Muzafar Muzafarovich
Committee Coordinator
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Kurkchi Muzafar Muzafarovich was born in September 24, 1991.

In 2007, Muzafar graduated from madrasah in Simferopol.
In 2009, he graduated from a madrasah in the mosque of Sevastopol.
In 2010, he graduated from a mosque in Kiev.
In 2011, he graduated from madrasah in Istanbul.
Social activities:
Since 2012, he has been participating in the organization "Community of Crimean Tatars in Kiev".
In 2013, Muzafar became the Coordinator of the Committee of Spiritual Values.