Statement by the Head of Community

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March 01, 2014 year 19:42
In connection with the provocative information occurred  and the possibility of repeating it in the future, I urge our fellow citizens and especially the media - to be responsible and not turn into blind mouthpiece of cynical deception. In these latter days, even reputable media resources often neglect  the canons of professional ethics  and disseminate information without mandatory verification of the facts for the truthfulness, accuracy and objectivity.
All this leads to a distortion and even to a distribution of intentionally false information. This primarily damages the reputation of media resources, that transformes into simple propaganda mouthpieces and "sinks" for provocative messages.
To avoid speculation and distribution of untrue facts - I want to notice that I'm always open for comments, within my competence, and open to facilitate the provision of objective and truthful information.
Head of the NGO "Community of Crimean Tatars in Kiev" Aslan OMER KIRIMLI