About the organisation

NGO "Crimean tatars community" (hereinafter Community) is a non-governmental organization representing interests of crimean tatars (crimeans) - indigenous people of Crimea living in Ukraine. Community strives to unite and encourage creative enrichment of crimean tatars by supporting their spiritual, cultural and social heritage beyond their historical homeland. Community supports intercultural interaction initiatives aimed at development of peace, tolerance and mutual respect between representatives of different ethnic groups and confessions living in Ukraine. Furthermore Community conducts periodical meetings of crimean tatars in order to strengthen and support its own authentic values and traditions.

The Community operates on a regular basis and aims its activities at:

  • strengthening of consolidation process between crimean tatars people;
  • cooperation with national congress, highest authorized representative organ of crimean tatars people - Kouroultay (Milliy Qurultay) and single highest authorized representative-executive organ of crimean tatars people - Mejlis (Milliy Meclis);
  • initiation of extra-national dialogue of understanding with all the nations living in Ukraine;
  • aider in enforcement of rights and freedoms of crimean tatars.

The Mission of Community is to help develop cultural life of crimean tatars people, to build civil society in Ukraine based upon tolerance, mutual respect and mutual understanding principals. One of the Community’s focal areas is establishment of crimean tatars cultural centers in Kyiv and other cities of our state having the aim to familiarize with culture, traditions, art, literature and history of crimean tatars people as well as to satisfy cultural, social and educative wants.